A.Minor Aliens' Picnic

A.Minor, Animator ~ Choreography of Color

Animated music videos. Live performances. Artwork for cd's and posters.



I may have finally worked the bugs out of my system.  2021. Music kindly created by Mister Rourke.


Dark Jewels of Janus 

A meditation upon a long January in Vermont, 2021. Music by Russ Gershon.  



Moroccan-dosed outer spatial music video commissioned by Club d'Elf, 2017. 



I like to draw things & sometimes musicians like to use them.       

Club d'Elf tryptich of posters
Club d'Elf Tryptich

Tryptich of three posters created for Club d'Elf shows at the Stone Church in NH. 

Either/Orchestra anniversary poster

25 years and beyond! Poster created for the 25th annniversary show of the Either/Orchestra.

Cd covers by A.Minor
CD & album covers

Shown: CD covers for The Either/Orchestra, The Kind Buds, and Carrie Armitage, and vinyl artwork for Paul Marotta.


Live Performances 

Looping visuals mixed live at concerts and festivals.          

A.Minor live projections with DSO
NYE with the Dark Star Orchestra

A.Minor's live visuals behind the Dark Star Orchestra , NYE in PA.     View video.      

A.Minor live projections with Club d'Elf
Club d'Elf at le Poisson Rouge   

Live performance with outer-spatial jazz band Club d'Elf, at le Poisson Rouge in NYC.    View video.

A.Minor live projections Bear's Picnic
Bear's Picnic 

A.Minor's visuals graced the Bear's Picnic festival in PA on a few occasions, and her work appeared with multiple bands. Above, live projections with Donna Jean Godchaux.     View video.

A.Minor Camels Hump with Saturn

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