A.Minor Bright Moments

Choreography of Color: Music Videos by A.Minor 

You might laugh! You might cry! You might ask yourself why you clicked one of these videos. 

But that's not my fault. You are the master and/or mistress of your own fate.



Another animated romp thru outerspace with Club d'Elf. 2016.  


The Pill-Billy Blues 

A cautionary tale.     


Space Aliens Unite! 

Journey to space with The Stoned Mountain Boyz. 


Ignore Alien Orders 

Music video for Paul Marotta, 2017


Folk Music of the Unknown 

Created from the art notebooks of legendary jazz drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses. 


Unfathomable Depths

Animated color study. Music by Ra Kalam Bob Moses. 2014.


Who Will Love the Crow

Video trailer for poetry chapbook by Miriam MacDonald. I take any chance I can get to play with kinetic typography.

A.Minor Bright Moments live projections