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AMinor Yoohoo


I am a seventh-generation Vermonter, born back in February of 1961 in the then-tiny hamlet of Burlington, Vermont. They tell me it was so cold the cows were giving milk-icicles but I still decided to be born here. Currently I spend my time in the foothills of Camel's Hump where it's even colder.

Color is my obsession and music is my addiction. Fortunately I found a way to bring them together in my artwork, through the magic dance of animation.

I work in 2D animation utilizing hand drawn elements. My preferred animation software is always After Effects. I have often remarked that if After Effects were a man, I'd marry it.

If you are interest in commissioning an animated piece, please contact me via email and we'll see if our schedules collide. Currently I am not offering live performances.

If you can't get enough of my nonsense, you can check out more of my videos on Vimeo or YouTube, or follow my daily ramblings on Twitter.     


Wishing you Bright Moments from Vermont!


Shameless Promotion Time  

Testimonials from musicians who have put up with me in the past.   

Live visuals by A.Minor with Russ Gershon
Russ Gershon

"A. Minor has a vision, and translates it into visuals. This is not to say her work is all the same – it has many facets – but each piece is coherent and striking. I’ve had the opportunity to hire her to project visuals for live music performances in a variety of spaces, as well as for a song video where her projections became an essential character in their own right. 

I’ve also given her recorded music to which she’s created imagery, and I felt like she nailed it. Conversely, I have written music to her videos, and it was a delight. Her combination of narrative and abstraction provided plenty of inspiration and structure. 

On top of all that, she’s fun to work with and is a trouper. She’s never the person on a production to run out of gas – she has energy and wants the results to be mind blowing, always."

Live visuals by A.Minor with Club d'Elf
Mike Rivard

"A.Minor understands the alien universe that we access in our music most intimately, and her images conjure the machine elf realm very eloquently. From the ancient to the future, her aesthetic looks both to antiquity for inspiration (Aztec deities, plant spirits) as well as to the eschaton of which Terence McKenna pontificated. Her work on our songs Overture and Mogador is stunning, creating the perfect visual counterpart to the music."

artwork by RaKalam Bob Moses
Ra Kalam Bob Moses

"A. Minor is a great unique visionary artist. She can make her computer sing, dance and morph into a kaleidoscope of color, imagination and humor."

A.Minor Bright Moments